Main Parameter
  • Medium temperature and medium pressure
  • High temperature and high pressure
  • High temperature and ultra-high pressure
  • Ultra-high temperature and ultra-high pressure
  • ultra-high temperature and subcritical
Product Type
  • Single Reheat, Condensing, Air-cooled, Extraction Condensing, Back Pressure, Extraction Back Pressure, Extraction Condensing Back Pressure
Output Range
  • 8MW-125MW
Cogeneration Steam Turbine
It applies to Chemical Industry, Dyeing, Paper Making, Metallurgy, Pharmacy, Urban Heating, etc.
Our Experiences of Successful Projects
  • Year 1978
    1st Cogeneration Steam Turbine
  • Year 2016
    The first Ultra HT Extraction Back Pressure Cogeneration Steam Turbine
  • Year 2018
    The Biggest per-unit Capacity of Reheat Cogeneration Steam Turbine in China